Read: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

J.K. Rawling's Potterism I only joined with some hesitation. But only to read the books with growing enthusiasm when started at last. The books where a fine journey from a pretty innocent children story to heavy fantasy fiction. The storyline was always exciting and surprising, the ends not disappointing.

This new book is not a novel like the ones i read before but a play. It's split into a large number of scenes, so that I first though it's more like a movie script, but actually the play is performed in London. Due to its form it is read very fast, there is not much text. Still the story has density and enough substance to keep one enthralled — but not busy for many hours though.

The storyline this time is not so unexpecting as in the other books. There it went from kid's stuff to really dark, now it's a try to do this in a single play; and maybe that makes it a little bit more predictable. Some difficulties in the story, like doing proper time travel – a thing I have never seen so far anyway – are not decreasing the fun at reading.

The book has enough connections to the stories, enjoyable to read for us who liked it so far.


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