Read: Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett

book coverAfter having read some serious (nevertheless excellent) books, I return to the serious unseriousness of the Discworld. Happily so. “Hogfather” has it all what should make it one of my favourites in the series: Death (General and of Rats), Susan Sto-Helit, Wizards, Hex. Additionally a brilliant (literally) villain Assassin and a marvellous creation of Pratchett, the oh God of Hangovers.

As mentioned, although the ingredients should make it a double plus good Discworld book, it isn't for me. For me, the book is too full of all the normally good stuff, the dose is too high. There are too many spheres of high power — the Wizards of UU, Death, Hogfather (Discworld's own Santa), the Auditors, the Tooth Fairy, the Hex calculator. Normally the books get a lot from the controversy between those different magic worlds, but this time it gets confusing. It may be just me and my insufficient knowledge of subtleties of the English language, but sometimes when reading I got puzzled, e.g. which character has what power in a special scenery. And Death is a little bit TOO keen on getting the hang on humanity. The villain is just too brilliant... just wanted to write, Susan is too cool, but no, that's okay.
Anyway, I am afraid I did not get all the hints from the author, did too often not get the analogy. A reader having English as native language will be better of course.

But, this is complaining about first Discworld problems. Again I loved the book and could hardly stop reading. The plot is twisted but again thrilling and the language first class, even when a non-first-class speaker of English won't get all the subtleties. Looking for Jingo.

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