Read: Jingo, by Terry Pratchett

book cover "Jingo"Nothing less than war is the main topic of the latest Discworld novel I have read. A most delicate issue, moral hazards are anywhere. This is another book of The Watch of Ankh-Mopork. The mob of the city demands war with Klatch (Discworld's Arabia), but three wise men (with mere help from others) fight war and win peace. Those three are

  1. The Warrior: Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, head of the city watch, good-hearted but just slightly naive — he is the main character in the City Watch books.
  2. The King: His deputy Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson, his deputy and kind of natural-born King. Even more good-hearted in a very tough way.
  3. The Politician: The Patrician Lord Havelock Vetinari, leading the city, even when not entitled so.

These three together make some kind triumvirate, a wise dictatorship. For their goals, doing the best for the people, they cannot always act prissy but in the end their way leads to the best for society with least victims.

So, it's again a very optimistic book, having the brains in it's most noble characters. It would be most delighting if our Orbworld would work the likes of it. Anyway — the story makes the world somewhat better, being not only philosophic but funny from first page to last; no news for Discworld fans.

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