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Being always attracted by original science fiction plots, I wanted to see that movie as early as I learned about it, which was today – better late than never. It was surely visibly and audibly impressive, even in a small theater room, and its aesthetics beyond what I expect in the genre. The cast performed in a very fine way, playing in the style on a theater stage. Settings, camera and cut...

Last December a online dealer gave away the Blue Ray Special Extended Edition of Lord of the Rings for 50 Euros. Although I have the three DVDs of the cinematic cut and also I have seen the Special Editions on DVD (in a row, by the way) I could not resist. So I received the six blue ray discs and somewhat eleven or twelve DVDs with bonus material on it. I enjoyed watching the movie once... Ich kann mir dieses Video wieder und wieder und wieder ansehen. Was mit Sicherheit auch daran liegt, dass es sehr deutlich kürzer ist als meine kürzilch erworbene Special Extended blue ray Edition von "Lord of the Rings" ist.